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Alexis Fields

Born:  March 3, 1979

Birthplace:   CA

Zodiac Sign:  Pisces

Alexis Fields is an American actress who has appeared in shows and movies such as Roc (1994), Kenan and Kel (1996-2000), Sister, Sister (1994-1999), Moesha (1996-2001), Jacked (2001), Hangin with Mr. Copper (1992-1997), The Parent Hood (1995-1999), and Somebody Help me in 2007. Her acting career started in 1993, She was born March 3, 1979 in California, she is known to be the daughter of Chip Fields who appeared in Good Times as penny's abusive mother, in 1977, Her sister is Famous actress Kim Fields, who played Tootie in Facts Of Life (1979-1988) and Regine Hunter in Living Single. (1993-1998).  Source.

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